Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maggie Mudd Vegan Birthday Cake

Living in San Francisco, I have the privilege of having access to some of the most amazing vegan restaurants anywhere. I keep meaning to begin adding posts to this blog about fantastic restaurant meals I've had the opportunity to eat. I promise to bring my camera to restaurants more often in the future, but I'm starting with this easy one since it was delivered to my door!

It was J's birthday a few weeks ago (30! Woot woot!) and I thought he deserved an extra special dessert. When I first arrived in San Francisco, my colleagues surprised me with a vegan ice cream cake (who knew there was such a thing!?) at work that I remember being incredible. I searched out the restaurant in advance of J's b-day and found that not only does the amazing Maggie Mudd make vegan ice cream cakes, they make them in every flavor imaginable!! Seriously, you can choose from several different base layers and then choose either one or two ice cream flavors to add on top. Amazing! We went with a vegan brownie base topped with mint Oreo cookie ice cream. J is obsessed with mint-chocolate anything and I just couldn't resist the Oreo flavor. You know Oreos are vegan, right? I love it that somehow everyone knows that Oreos are vegan.

Anyway, to view a full list of Maggie Mudd's vegan ice cream flavors, click here. Holy cow! To say I was overwhelmed is an overstatement. Everything from Mariachi Mambo (a delicious-sounding combination of light chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered almond chunks and a touch of cinnamon to Lychee Coconut, to Banana Rum Brownie to Pink Trousers (Ummmm... who ever thought of fresh strawberry and coconut ice cream with tequila in it?). I can't wait for the next special occasion so I can try out more and more and more of these flavors! Thank you Maggie Mudd.

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  1. This looks amazing, Robin! I'd totally eat some of that!